Next paper – Due March 28

Topic Present State of Higher Education and its Use of Technology.

First of all I hope you all understood my recent works both print and video. My reasoning for choosing a religious figure is not religion but to say that even what we consider to be the most pure of mindsets is deeply involved in the spread of information through technology. They have nothing to do with my beliefs, basically I am a Buddhist – hence the physical similarities.

The basis for tonight’s lecture was simply are we prepared for and using this new digital revolution to its best potential? Are we ready for what is currently going on? Are we ready for this new economy? Are we prepared and preparing students and society to adapt to this new economic structure? Are we simply being veal/calves led around and fed milk and massaged to death? To quote Homer Simpson “I thought they just died of loneliness”?

Are we ready on all fronts? Will we figure out this corn maze and go forward? Is it too late? Mr. Sun says, “What is done is done”. Is it done worldwide or are we finding our place in this new world order? Was Aldus Huxley correct? Are we now in the age of consumerism?

Are we no longer the producers – now just the consumer? Are the products only fake derivatives that have no value? Just smoke and mirrors???

As Whitney said, “don’t you know that children are the answer…teach them well and they will lead the way…?”  To what the fourth level of Halo?

We need , in this country to stop messing around and get moving and for years we didn’t because we were told to be in fear of a menace that primarily is acting in revenge and defense, like a dog that’s been hit too much.

We need to learn to respect other’s ways, other cultures, to be global and we can only do that if we go global in specifically our educational model. We need to live the Cisco commercial and communicate globally.

Wouldn’t it be great to share a class with students in Taipei? Or Bejing? Or London or Paris? We can do it . We need to do it.

Hardware and software has never solved a problem. The use of it has.

As far as entertainment goes, it is usually the society that drives the entertainment – ratings. However it seems that entertainment is being limited to a very sparse menu. Idiotic shows ala “Survivor” and “Fear Factor” became hits. Why? Did we reach a saturation point of intelligence or did our schools not teach us how to think critically?

I once stumped the famous director Otto Preminger. Truth! I was in 10th grade and for some reason he came to our school, must have been a relative. He stood up to say hello and asked if we had any questions?

Being the idiot that I am I stood up and asked the following “In Bergman’s ‘Cries and Whispers’ do you think he used the blood red transitional elements as a symbol for the soul dissolving away through the lose of humanity?”

Basically security whisked me away. I am dead serious. I never saw an old man so scared. Anyways my point is – don’t be afraid to ask questions and don’t be surprised when you are asked. Just be prepared – through a good education and a genuine curious nature.

Anthony and David – Can we reserve the cinema for April 6th?

Let me know if too soon. We can also setup a panel discussion.

Remember always move forward. Going backwards is never the answer.