IMA 501 Lecture

Paper structure

Title page

Name, course and project number/date

Abstract – discussion of purpose.

Body – opinion is fine, but statements of fact need to be backed up with source materials – footnotes.


What is the final outcome – sum it all up.

Bibliography links – full source – Example:

Save as document and html


Discussion of authoring options and philosophies


Mainly web authoring environment


2D animation, low file size, heavy actionscripting, javascript like quality,
rtmp, xml, php, ActiveX


Raster images, video files, audio control, heavy learning curve for ActionScripting

Director dead

Full authoring environment


Raster file manipulation, video control, audio control, cross platform authoring, Xtras  – third party development


Learning curve for lingo, 50% archival vehicle, 50% web development

HTML and HTML 5.o

Base web authoring structure


Can do anything, basis for everything web, tough environment, strong learning curve


Time consuming and difficult overall learning curve

Dreamweaver & Fireworks

Web authoring tools


New version stronger than ever, simple to use, strong backend development


Extraneous code, tough to fix in pure HTML, limitations and minimal knowledge base – lab rat


Useful in virtual environment


Great image creation, viewer involvement, wow effect


Heavy file size, typically used in archival structure, due to need for dedicated bandwidth, playback requirements

Exceptions swift3d export tool

Project Development Team

Information Architect 1, 2, 3,

Works directly with the account and the exec to develop a structure for the project.

Part marketing person, developer, designer and client.

Producer or project manager

Should know ever aspect of the development process.

Keeps the project on budget and deadline – usually makes staffing decisions

Creative/Design director

Establishes the look and feel of the project. Manages the design staff.

On similar management level with the producer?

Usually makes initial presentation along with producer and IA.


Works directly under Design Director. Responsible for all graphic development.

Usually responsible for all outside vendors inclusive of copywriters if not in house.

Makes internal presentation to DD, IA and Producer.


Works directly with the IA and design team.

Develops all necessary programming.

Responsible for any new programming research.

Reports to DD, IA and producer

Account Exec – if promotional

Works directly with account.

Main responsibility is initial sale and start of project.

Usually in first meeting but is always available for client if project is off track

Project Kickoff

Listen and learn session

Session goals

Previous projects?

How did they fare?

What is the goal of the project?

Ecommerce, promotional, informational, entertainment, educational

Who is the potential user?

What is the message or image needed?

What will be the vehicle?

What is the scalability of the project?

Promotional efforts – cross marketing

Budget necessity?

Determining Aesthetic of Interactive Work

Kant, Crawford, Nielsen, Tufte and Curtis

Different philosophy

Kant — Beauty is not necessarily functional

Crawford —Design is necessary evil

Nielsen 1, 2, —  every site should have the same components – Images are not necessary

Tufte —Visuals must represent information correctly – organization is key

Curtis —Everything is everything