Ladies and Gentlemen of IMA 502,

As you are aware this class is very similar to 501. IMA 501 was the dream project concept where you were able to develop a project with unlimited resources and budget. I wanted you to dream big and think big. That was the time to explore every option. Now that reality has set in and you see a deadline on the horizon it is time to get real. This semester we focus on thesis. In 502, 603 and 707 you should be dedicated to developing a thesis prototype for the two critiques and working out all the bugs for next semester. By the start of next semester you should be ready to hit the ground running and have your thesis finished and debugged in time for April 10th at the latest. Please allow three weeks in your production schedule for problems and debugging. Any problems please email me as soon as possible. Also start preparing your 10 minute presentation in outline form. You will be addressing a crowd of approximately 100 people so practice your presentation skills and start to make notes. April will be here before you know it.

This is what is due for the remainder of the semester.

One continued post – update the first one to include

Due 9/30


Explanation of concept with at least five links

Mission Statement
What would your thesis look like and links to sites that you find visually appealing?

Due 10/18

Intro/Main/Site Sections – Visually in boxes and directional lines

Design samples – full size
Illustrator and some Photoshop at least 5 pages

Due 11/12

Production statement
What technologies will you use and why?

Production Timeline
Week by week in a bar chart format labeled

Due 11/19

First critique of thesis prototype – working

Production Budget

How many hours –  times how much per hour – costs will vary

Development Team Duties
Team member by team member breakdown

Due 12/03

Marketing Plan
Which venues will you use – Print, Web, Direct Mail, etc….

Return on Investment
Break even point costs to build versus income generated

Due 12/10

Final Critique of Thesis Project before break.