During my last lecture on electromagnetism I found a few possibly confused looks around the room. Let’s spell this out in a simpler fashion.

IMHO – All design whether it is visual or physical (engineering) is based on the need to work harmoniously within our environment.  In any of your disciplines whether it be: visual design, user interface design, information architecture, motion design, branding, marketing, art, film, etc. the goal is to deal with this base harmony of the human and life. We also choose to use that structure as the basis for a counter approach. In other words the same harmony we work with to produce our design is the same harmony we use as criteria to create any subversive work. In both cases we are working with the same criteria either to mimic or to repel against. There has to be a force to push off against.

My job is to find an umbrella to fit the discussion under – in order to show the relevance between parties and discussion, the reason being that we all can learn from one another’s experiences and concerns.  Designers need to be ready for any topic area, or any client’s needs. BTW – I consider all humans to be designers – good or bad.

Why do I harp on the force of electromagnetics? It is the base of harmony in our world, whether visual or physical. Do some research on Einstein, Faraday, Clerk Maxwell, etc.

Visual – the electromagnetic spectrum goes from gamma rays to infrared. The area of “color” we see is only approximately 20% of that spectrum. The visual arts depend on that spectrum and the portion we call light to distribute the intended message. This is but one example. Do some research and look up how we get things like gigahertz… take a look, or even better how and why we can perceive images or repetition of images.

Within the energy of sound we use these frequencies to distribute and receive our messages. Have you ever tried to listen to a message or music in which the frequency/pitch being used was uncomfortable to our ears – we pass this off as an “irritating speaking voice” or as a stream of beautiful music? (Disco not accounted for here.)

The video we were watching concerning magnetic pulses is an example of using frequencies – albeit maybe not a comfortable watch – hopefully in this case to achieve what some consider healing? I didn’t present the short video to purposely demonstrate the healing arts but to show the power of the simple earthly force of electromagnetism and frequency.

If you have the time checkout the articles on the hum of the Earth and see where that sound – be it to some – holistic or spiritual – emanates from? The goal of these discussions is to give a base or again “umbrella” to the overall discussions to connect thoughts not to prove hierarchy.

Hope this helps.